CRM (Chronic Repeat Management)

Centrix extends the acronym Centrix make use of a unique method to improve patient compliance to medicine regimes. This has many benefits and therefore improve sales on chronic medicine

Centrix’s CRM program empowers the pharmacy to interact with the patient in advance to ensure that the patient remember to take their medication correctly and persistently

The CRM program benefits the patient:

  • Interacts with the patient on a monthly basis to remind him of his repeat
  • Takes out the hassle of standing in a queue to receive the medication
  • Assists with medical scheme claim issues before the medication is due
  • Improved personal relationship between the patient and the pharmacist
  • Personal service to the customer
  • Improve of stock management on a day to day basis
  • Better spread of chronic repeat scripts (can be prepared in quieter times)
  • More effective staff utilization – save costs
  • Ultimately improve compliance and therefore sales
  • Thorough reporting system – a concrete measurement tool

The CRM program benefits the Pharmaceutical company:

  • Improve sales through longer persistence and better patient
  • Thorough reporting system – a concrete measurement tool
  • Medium for patient management programs to be implemented
  • Medium to give specific messages to the patients

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